Monday, September 22, 2014

The 5 People You Will Always See At The Library

Spending my Saturday afternoons at my university's library is nothing out of the ordinary. I get to listen to Gotan Project while I work on my homework minus the distractions I get from being in my apartment. However, being a natural people watcher, I do get distracted by my fellow classmates that I see in the library. Their outfits truly say it all and I can't help but write about it! Below are the five people you will always come across at the library.

1. The Typical Bro
This is the guy whose muscle tee gets tighter each time you come across him and likes to flex his muscles every time he turns a page in a book. He comes dressed like he's gonna go lift some major weights, and he probably is once he leaves the library.  He just wants everyone to know it.

2. The Sorority Sisters
These are the girls who come dressed in their oversized sorority shirt with leggings, flip-flops and a Starbucks drink in hand. They usually come in groups and take up an entire table. Nothing against these ladies, they're super sweet. But how many sorority shirts and leggings can they possibly own??

3. The "I'm wearing work-out clothes but I'm probably not gonna work-out" Girl
I am very guilty of doing this myself. These are the girls who come in running shorts, a sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers. The only reason they put on sneakers is because wearing flip-flops makes it look like they aren't trying. So they go for the "yeah I'm totally gonna go work-out after studying" look, when in reality they're probably gonna go watch Netflix when they get home (I know this all too well).

4. The Foreign Exchange Students
You can usually spot these right away. Why? Because they're dressed too nice for a day at the library. Not going to lie, I love seeing them because their outfits are usually on point. A skater skirt with a pretty blouse and a pair of kitten heels? I'd get uncomfortable after a while, but you do you foreign exchange students because you look better than the rest of us.

5. The "I have a midterm tomorrow but I haven't even opened my text book" Students
These are students you can spot right away too. They're usually secluded in their own little corner of the library with a ton of notebooks and text books opened, a grande coffee (probably with a triple shot of espresso) and a mismatched track suit. They look like they're about to have a meltdown and you probably shouldn't tell them their shoes don't match their outfit. Procrastinating never wins.

This was totally NOT a slam piece, just observations I make every time I go to the library--I can't help that other people's outfits distract me from my studies. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!



  2. Nice observation of the library population, very interesting