Friday, October 3, 2014

Life As A College Senior (so far)

photo source: galleryhip

For some reason, I was always under the impression that my senior year of college would be a breeze. Maybe it was because my senior year of high-school was pretty stress-free or from what I had seen from movies, it'd be a fun time. On the contrary, I'm six weeks in and I've already sold my soul to all of my professors. The following is a list of the things I've been experiencing in my senior year so far. 

1. A meltdown a week. If it's Friday night and I'm crying over a table full of textbooks I'd say it's a pretty normal week. 

2. Horrifying thoughts about my future. What if I don't get a job after I graduate? What if I don't even like working in public relations? But I'm in too deep to change my major. How long are my parents willing to support me? I can't live off ramen noodles. These are the thoughts that give me nightmares. 

3. Worrying because there's nothing to worry about. These are the thoughts that usually creep up on me when I'm watching Gossip Girl on Netflix or I'm about to fall asleep. professor didn't assign any work today...something's not right. Let me spend the next hour wondering if I had missed an assignment or didn't study for a quiz.

4. Spending weekends in the library instead of bars. Going out at least three times a week was something I got used to over the years. Ask me how many times I've gone out this semester. FOUR. Four times in six weeks. Now, my weekends are now spent in the library dreaming about how comfy my bed would be right now. 

5. Wanting to graduate (but not really). I cannot wait for the day when I don't have to write any more papers or study for two exams given in the same day. But, the real world seems reaaallyyy scary. All I hear is talk about "happy hour" with your co-workers and health insurance. I wanna drink with my classmates until 3 a.m. and continue seeing my pediatrician (who, by the way, kicked me out of her office this summer...I haven't forgotten). 

Thankfully, my fellow senior classmates are going through the same thing. I see the bags under their eyes that scream "I just wrote a 10-page paper and had a meltdown about my future!" I find comfort in that. Only seven more months...that's what I keep telling myself. In happier news, it's my favorite month! I can't wait to truly start wearing my fall wardrobe and sharing it with you guys, so be on the lookout for that! Thanks for reading & leave a comment (I love to know what you guys think). 


  1. Sounds like growing up is tough, but you have manage to find humor in it. This always helps. Move forward, life is great!

  2. Hello Alyssa! Thanks for introducing me to Chukkas! I love them! And you are right, they would also look good with cuffed jeans. You look awesome girl and the cardigan is lovely:-) Hugs and kisses from Orlando, FL. Jeannette

    BTW, I followed you on FB and subscribed to your email. It will be lovely if you can do the same:-)