Monday, October 13, 2014

My Top Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the idea of dressing up, eating candy and all that spooky stuff (I'm a huge horror film buff). But what I'm not a fan of are these costumes that are trying to be sold to us. I'm basically paying so much money for an itsy, bitsy piece of fabric and swear to people that I'm a Disney Princess. Instead, I prefer to make my own costumes because it's cheaper and so much more creative. The following are my top Halloween costume ideas for this year.

1. Super Tina

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This is my favorite idea for a costume this year. Tina is hands down the best character from Bob's Burgers -- she's my spirit animal. Plus, it's a pretty simple costume. All I need is a pink leotard, some leg warmers and an awesome pair of glasses. The spot for someone to be the Jimmy Jr. to my Tina is still opened...

2. Wednesday Addams

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Wednesday Addams is always an option for me -- we sort of look a like and when I'm not paying attention I have that same look in my eyes. To be honest, I think her dress is really cute so I wouldn't feel bad about buying it because I would definitely wear it again. 

3. Gossip Girl Cast

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Maybe it's because I'm watching this series, but I think it would be so fun to get a group of friends to dress up as the cast of Gossip Girl. Don't know if any dudes would be willing to dress up as any of these very handsome men (I'm forever in love with Ed Westwick, a.k.a Chuck Bass), but if I got the chance I'd call dibs to dress up as Blair. 

4. Jack and Wendy Torrance

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Coming up with a costume to wear with your s/o can be tricky. Being a sexy cop and a prison mate is just tacky and you don't want to be something too silly either like a plug and socket *eye roll*. Dressing up as a couple from a classic horror film, like The Shinning, is cleaver and creative. Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas is another great couple costume idea. 

Some thought definitely has to be put in when you're making your own costume, but trust me it's much more rewarding. When someone compliments your costume you get to say, "Thanks! I made it myself!" instead of "Thanks! I paid $60 for a piece a fabric that only covers my private parts!" Hope you guys are having a lovely October -- I've been spending mine watching lots of horror films so far!


  1. I love Halloween too! Love your idea list! :)

    xo - Shauna

  2. I would totally go for a character from Gossip Girl. The perfect excuse to get all glammed up!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  3. Love this post, Great choices! I´d definitely go for Blair!

  4. Hello Alyssa! You made me laugh with this post. It provides great custom ideas and at the same time is funny and very cute. You are awesome! I will pick number 2 although I am not sure if I can do the look:-) Take care girl! xoxo, Jeannette