Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Trend: 70s-Inspired Clothing

It looks like the 70s are here to stay, and I can't say I'm upset about that. Colorful isn't exactly my favorite word, but I love the fun prints and colors from the 70s. This skirt from Zara has such a cool pattern and complimenting colors. While it is a colorful skirt, the colors aren't "in your face". They're warm and perfect for this time of year. Zara has a great fall collection that includes lots of 70s-inspired pieces.

I paired the skirt with a fitted, maroon turtleneck. Two things I love about this turtleneck: 1. Maroon is a great color to wear during fall and winter; 2. Owning basic tops, like this turtleneck, in several different colors is a must for cold weather. Having moved from sunny Miami to New York a short time ago, I've learned the importance of layering. 

Now for these fabulous shoes. I recently bought these clogs from TopShop, and needless to say I haven't taken them off. They're surprisingly very comfy and great for work. Another great shoe option for this outfit would be velvet knee-high boots (another fab fall trend). 

As always, thanks for reading & God bless :)


  1. You look stunning and beautiful! That color scheme is fab!! I love the 70's look as well. Best wishes and blessings

  2. Welcome to NYC! Love the skirt & clogs. I'm really digging clogs lately for some reason & these are so cute! I hope TS still has them!

    Xo Miriam
    I'm all for comfy riding boots, and I'm loving those! Great color too ;-)

    Xo Miriam
    Scripts of Flair

  3. Hello Alyssa! How are you girl! How is New York and work??? Always think about you:-) I can imagine the excitement you may be feeling for being at a new place and job. So happy for you! I love the 70's too and can't wait to wear more of it. I actually don't have much but have been eyeing a couple of things:-) You look beautiful and I LOVE everything you are wearing. EVERYTHING! Have a wonderful week sweet girl! XOXO, Jeannette


  4. Beautiful look, love the skirt!